10 Steps to Prepare Your Home For Pictures

It’s so critical that your home shines so that it will capture the attention of buyers at first glance. That’s why you shouldn’t skimp on a good photographer.

Ask your photographer if they provide HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. This will help bring clarity and brightness to the photos to show off the rooms.

Another nice touch is aerial photography! A shot from a drone will show a new and exciting point of view of your home.

Photo Preparation Steps:

  1. Replace any burned out light bulbs (with the same color temperature and brightness as other bulbs in the room)
  2. Hire a cleaning service to “deep clean” the home including all the windows inside and out.
  3. Turn off any ceiling fans
  4. Remove any seasonal items from the home (i.e. holiday decorations)
  5. Remove clutter from the counter tops
  6. Power wash the home if necessary
  7. Set the dining room table
  8. Turn on all the lights
  9. Remove as many personal items as possible (family photos, etc.)
  10. Turn off televisions

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